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2015-01-21 Wednesday

NEWS 2015:

After a short vacation on Kepler 22b in time and space, the upcoming Releases will be on Tape and Vinyl.

At first I plan to release tes07 Tape with a 90 minutes scifi radio play and
with tes08 a Tape single with the main song about the radio play.
The long awaiting Full Long Player 12" Vinyl with novva falla songs will be also released.

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"novva falla" is an electronic music project by Adam der Somnambule.
Genres: Minimal Electro, Minimal Slow Synth, Analog Noise Industrial, Drone Synth, Experimental, Dark Ambient

ORDER: Tape, Vinyl, Sticker, T-Shirt, 3D Glasses, etc.

Contact for order:
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First Release was in Spring 2012 on Future Echo Tape Compilation with the song "ReThoughts"
First Vinyl Release''Kernkrach Records Sub-Label FKK''Single 7" songs, "Teslacar" A side, "Licht" B side. Release was in Spring 2012
First Tape Release 22 December 2012 Label "Aufnahme + Wiedergabe" [a+w 011] "novva falla - the 4-Track Tapes" C-30 TAPE
Tape Compilation Release on Transformer C-100 TAPE with the song "cold eyes"
Tape Release 23 March 2013 on own Label Tesua "novva falla - other tracks" [tes01] C-40 TAPE
Tape Release 31 March 2013 on own Label Tesua "novva falla - Tapes of Valkenburg" [tes02] C-60 TAPE
Tape Release 11 April 2013 on own Label Tesua "novva falla - Teslacar" [tes03] C-20 TAPE
Tape Release 11 June 2013 on own Label Tesua "novva falla - Erlenbach" [tes04] C-60 TAPE
Tape Release 22 August 2013 on own Label Tesua "novva falla - Before the Journey to Eben-Ezer" [tes05] C-90 TAPE
Tape Release 09 January 2014 on own Label Tesua "novva falla - Spodek Impression Tapes" [tes06] C-20 TAPE

There will be a full lenght LP 12inch release

Music Instruments: Korg MS-10, Korg MiniPops, Analog Echo, Watkins Copicat, 70s CRB DrumComputer
(c) novva falla